T-ara’s Eunjung vows to continue to apologize

T-ara‘s Eunjung has vowed to apologize until the public isn’t angry anymore regarding the rumours that huddled the group in the past.

The idol star made her guest appearance in preparation of her solo release on Mnet‘s 4 Things Show on April 28th. After the airing of the episode, despite Eun Jung’s tears, many netizens were angered that she made a comeback without an official apology to the public as well as the fans.

In response, Eun Jung’s recent interview has caught on fire as she finally opened up in light of the ceasless criticisms regarding her allegedly lack of apology.

She stated, “I will have to continue to apologize. Our agency believes we stated our apology. We did apologize in reality too. But if the public denies it, then it is how it is. I personally believe that we continue to owe an apology until the public stops asking ‘Why are you not apologizing?’. Also, we [T-ara] constantly live with criticisms and have done wrong. Laying out additional explanations regarding the issue does not look good anyways. Of course, both our agencies and fans might feel stifled. However, if the pubic says no, then it’s no, and if they are angry, it is right for us to soothe their anger.”

In the meantime, T-ara is set to embark on a concert tour in China this June. Take a look at some of the netizens’ comments on the interview:


[+7185, -568] It’s far too late for you all to change your images;; What’s the difference between you and Yewon..so please stop showing your faces what are you weed, you’re so persistent..

[+6903, -451] It’s too late for you, Yewon and Steve Yoo. Everything has the right “time”. If you miss that “time” no matter what you do, no matter how you apologize it’s hard to revert things to the way it was.

[+5099, -294] Apply this persistence to studying again and you’ll make it into Seoul University ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


[+ 1821, – 165] Why would you apologize to the public? Shouldn’t you be apologizing to Hwayoung? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is why you are beyond saving..you lack sincerity.

[+ 1498, – 85] I just don’t want to see your face.

[+ 1361, – 80] Whether it’s Yewon who’s apologizing after two seasons or you who’s now saying you’ll continue to apologize while you insisted you were innocent at the time of the event. This just serves to remind you that timing if of the essence when apologizing.


Source: Nocut via Naver, Nocut via Nate