T-ARA’s Hyomin Writes A Special Letter After Receiving News Of A Fan’s Death

Rest in peace, Jimin.

T-ARA‘s Hyomin posted a handwritten letter to Twitter and Instagram for a QUEEN who recently passed away. The fan, who is named Jimin, was always there to support T-ARA, according to Hyomin, and will be dearly missed.

The letter reads,

Jimin, I received some very hard to believe news today. The memory from that day is still vivid in my eyes… I’m sorry I couldn’t treat you any better. The many people who have become your family and friends, they all cherish and love you, so I hope you can forget all of the sad and painful things over here and that you are now filled with happy and euphoric things over there. I’m truly thankful that you’ve always supported me and the T-ARA noonas and gave us strength. I will absolutely never forget that. I will work harder to live, so make sure to look after me from Heaven…!
So please, rest in peace, Jimin…

– Writing to Jimin, who’s in Heaven. From Hyomin Noona.

The fan has been seen supporting T-ARA in events and has interacted with the members in the past. Hyomin and fans around the world continue to mourn the loss of this special fan. The cause of death has not been stated.

Hyomin also posted another photo that shows her and Jimin.

The text reads,

Yesterday morning, a dear friend of mine went to Heaven. This friend has been a fan of T-ARA since debut, so I chose to leave this message for you. I remember when you came out with friends to support our music by attending my birthdya fan meet. I really enjoyed meeting you and noona even gave you this hat at the fan sign. If it’s not too much to ask Jimin, I would really appreciate if you could look after noona.

Rest in peace, Jimin.