T-ARA’s Jiyeon States Group Is Trying Their Best To Make Group Comeback

Jiyeon hopes that the group will make a comeback in the near future.

T-ARA’s Jiyeon has made a comeback as an actress for the first time in five years. She recently played a role in the KBS drama I Wanna Hear Your Song, which ended in September.



During a news interview, she revealed that she was currently negotiating with a Chinese agency in regards to making a solo comeback.


I know that my fans are patiently waiting and anticipating a comeback. I hope to prepare something by the end of this year and return as singer Jiyeon.


When asked about any possibilities for a T-ARA comeback, Jiyeon replied, “Since we all have our promotions and personal schedules, it’s hard to find time for all of us to get together. I feel like I can finally understand what our senior idol members meant by not being able to regroup because of these types of problems. We all have the same thoughts and hopes of making a comeback, and we will try our best to make it happen.”


This year also marks the 10th anniversary of T-ARA. She shared that she missed the days of “Roly Poly” and is amazed at how long ago those promotions were.


In regards to her recent slump, she explained that she was able to get herself out of the rut due to the support of her fans.



I wish everything just stayed the same; I don’t ask for anything more. I hope to say thank you to my fans ten years down the line and let them know that I am where I am now because of them.


Stay tuned for Jiyeon’s solo comeback this November.

Source: newsen