T-ARA’s Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk Break Up After A Six-Year Relationship

After six years together, T-ARA‘s Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk of Click-B have officially called it quits.

According to TV Report, the two have agreed to continue their junior-senior relationship as opposed to lovers. For awhile now, fans have begun to notice signs of their breakup after noticing Click-B members no longer following Soyeon on social media. Fans have speculated that this may have meant that the two ended their relationship on bad terms.

Prior to starting a relationship with another another, the two had a junior-senior relationship. Oh Jong Hyuk made his debut as part of the boy group Click-B in 1999 while Soyeon debuted as part of the girl group T-ARA in 2009. Additionally, Soyeon was known to have been a big Click-B fan.

The two celebrities began a relationship in December 2010 but was not made known to the public until September 2013 after Oh Jong Hyuk was spotted picking up Soyeon for their 1000th day celebration. In 2011, Oh Jong Hyuk entered the military where he joins the ranks of the marines for his military services. Despite his two-year leave, Soyeon continued to wait for him and the two communicated through phone calls and letters throughout her activities with T-ARA.

Source: TV Report