A.T.O, models from “Fashion King,” to debut with digital single

After making their debut in Fashion King, the model-turned-idol group A.T.O is to make a debut with a digital single on November 13th.
A.T.O consists of three members: Sihoo, the leader in charge of dance, Leehan, who will be responsible for rapping and sub-vocals, and finally maknae Jingyu, who will assume the role of main vocal.

Their debut single is a piano-based, emotional ballad composed and produced by REAL80. Following their debut, A.T.O plans to release another ballad song “Crazy,” and dance song “Keep On,” which will be part of their upcoming mini-album.

Meanwhile, as the three boys plan to debut overseas as well, they have been actively engaging in promotions, making guest appearances and starring in movies.

Source: News 1