T.O.P Media urges L.Joe to come back after remaining members renew contracts

After initial reports revealing L.Joe had filed for termination of his exclusive contract with T.O.P Media, the agency has responded with an official statement.

Earlier today, Koreaboo reported that TEEN TOP member L.Joe had withdrawn from the group and had filed a lawsuit for his contract to be terminated. Now, T.O.P Media has released an official statement regarding their position on this issue.

The full statement has been translated below:

The 5 TEEN TOP members (C.A.P, Chunji, Niel, Ricky and Changjo) have all renewed their contracts with T.O.P Media.

TEEN TOP’s contract was [originally] valid until January 2018. The [remaining] 5 members all renewed their contracts in December 2016.

L.Joe was [initially] in the midst of negotiating terms with time remaining on his initial contract but has instead requested to terminate [his] contract based on wishes to pursue solo activities [instead].

TEEN TOP is busy preparing for their March album and was preparing to record their songs [when he filed for the termination]. His contract is still active and the members and the company both wish for the March album to consist of all 6 members.

– T.O.P Media

Source: Sports Today