T.O.P missing from military ceremony due to unknown health problems

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P finally completed his army boot camp training but failed to attend his boot camp completion ceremony due to unknown health problems.

T.O.P enlisted in the army on February 9 and completed his boot camp training on March 9. After completing boot camp training at the army, a completion ceremony is held.

At the completion ceremony, family and friends are able to attend and see how their loved ones have progressed as official soldiers in the Korean army. Sadly, T.O.P was not present in the completion ceremony but instead was in the army base’s infirmary.

An unnamed official at the army boot camp talked to the press on the condition of anonymity and said that T.O.P completed his boot camp training but did not attend the completion ceremony. The other soldiers in his unit all attended the ceremony but he was the only one who did not go.

It was not reported whether T.O.P got to see his friends and relatives after being discharged from the infirmary.

After completing his initial military at the boot camp, T.O.P will undergo an additional two weeks of training at another base in Gyeonggi Byukje for his official police training. After the two weeks of police training, he will be going to Gangnam Police Station for his official duties as a police officer.

Source: Sports Donga