Tablo Explains The Meaning Behind “Epik High Is Here”, And It Will Warm Your Heart

He gave tons of new info on their latest album as well!

Epik High just came back with new music, and Tablo explains why their latest album is called Epik High Is Here!

Even though Tablo previously announced that his beloved podcast The Tablo Podcast has ended, he still came back for a special episode, just to connect with his fans again!

As he talked, he introduced Epik High’s latest album, their 10th full album titled Epik High Is Here!

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Tablo soon revealed the reason why they decided to name the album what they did! One of the reasons they did was to highlight the group’s longevity in the game- 18 years together as musicians!

I think “Epik High Is Here”, that phrase…A lot of people are like, “I love the title, but what does it mean?” I think…this is gonna be our 18th year together as Epik High. That’s a longass time. That’s like 2 decades. And I think, in one way, “Epik High Is Here” is talking about the fact that we have survived this long period of time.

And…crazy ups and downs. Crazy rises and falls. And we are still here, and how grateful [we are], how amazing that is; we’re still together and we’re still here. It has that meaning.


Another meaning for the name of the album was that they wanted to show fans how important they are to the group by being a means of support to them!

The second meaning which is something that means more to me, is that…I know that a lot of people feel like they’re completely alone; feel like no one understands them, and no one is there for them.

Especially, during the last year or so, people have felt loneliness like never before. And I wanted to let the fans know that…Epik High is here. Like, here for you. So that’s the meaning behind the album.


Fans will surely appreciate how much Epik High thinks of them!

Epik High made their recent comeback with the full-length album Epik High Is Here, with double title tracks “Rosario” and “Based On A True Story”.

You can watch Tablo explain the meaning of the album here, from the 4:15 mark onwards!