Tablo shows his support towards Haru’s future music career

In a recent interview, Epik High‘s rapper Tablo imagined about his daughter’s future and stated his support towards his lovely daughter, Haru.

He states, “If Haru wants to find her career in music I would, of course, be welcome about it.”

When asked about the hardship that musicians have to go through, Tablo said,“Nothing is easy in life. If she wants to do it, then she does it. Music is something that gives joy to other people, so participating in music means that it is a gift of miracle.”

Tablo also showed both love and harshness, stating, “I really liked music when I was young as well, so I know all the problems that I had to go through. I want Haru to avoid that and I will support her in any case. If she goes through pain or she regrets it, that is a consequence of her own decision.”

Baby Haru, according to her father, can even rap now. “Her rhymes are totally pretty amazing. Even Dok2 and The Quiett were surprised.

Surprisingly, Haru is already contributing to her father’s music as a cute little promoter. With a promoter like Haru, Epik High will definitely become one of the most popular musicians of 2014.

The father and daughter duo are currently appearing in the program KBS 2TV‘s Happy Sunday – The Return of Superman, showing adorable cuteness and love together.

Check out Haru’s rapping skills below!

Source: My Daily