Taecyeon tells fans to do this if they miss him while he’s serving in the military

2PM‘s Taecyeon told fans to watch his upcoming drama “Save Me” after he enlists in the military in the summer.

Image Source: Kyeonggi Ilbo

On the last night of 2PM’s concert, 6 Nights, Taecyeon revealed he’ll be enlisting in the military soon, possibly in the summer of this year.

Image Source: @halumizm

Taecyeon reassured his saddened fans by telling them they might just be able to still see him on television, even after he enlists.

He revealed he was currently filming a drama called “Save Me”, and that it will most possibly be aired on OCN in August of this year.

“Currently I’m filming the OCN original drama called “Save Me”. I think it’ll air after I enlist so if you miss me, please watch it.”
— 2PM’s Taecyeon

Source: Xports News

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