Nam Tae Hyun’s fans hire lawyer to file lawsuit against malicious anti-fans

Fans are taking matters into their own hands and are ready to sue for their favorite idol, Nam Tae Hyun

The speculations started after YG Entertainment officially announced that Taehyun’s departure from WINNER. Since the announcement, all sorts of theories spread throughout online discussion boards such as Pann, Instiz, and more.

While YG Entertainment gave an official explanation as to why Nam Tae Hyun was leaving, it didn’t stop rumors from spreading. Some of the most shared rumors involved Nam Tae Hyun’s brother having a direct hand in his departure from WINNER. Most of the rumors, however, were quickly debunked by Tae Hyun’s fans. Frustrated with all the rumors and slander, fans started to collect information about these malicious posts.

A group of Tae Hyun’s supporters opted to take legal action against these malicious commenters. In a statement on their Twitter account, they announced that they have hired a legal representative and have been building a case on rumor dissemination and slander on behalf of Nam Tae Hyun.

It was also stated that they have collected evidence from Twitter, community boards, and other sites against the netizens responsible.

A copy of their information has been sent to Keyeast Entertainment and the group of dedicated fans even informed Tae Hyun’s brother, Nam Donghyun.

Now those are some loyal fans!