Taeil and Yeri Showed Up To SMTOWN Wonderland In The Same Costume, She’s Upset He Looked Prettier

It’s always awkward when two people show up to a party wearing the same thing…And it’s even more awkward when one of those people is a guy.

At SM Entertainment’s yearly Halloween event, SMTOWN Wonderland, Red Velvet came dressed as Belle from Beauty & The Beast. 

Only to quickly realize that NCT’s Taeil wore the same costume…and even brought his own beast! 

Although it might have been an awkward moment at first, both took it lightly and even posed for photos.


But her real thoughts were revealed in Red Velvet’s recent live broadcast… 

“I really like Emma Watson and I decided to be Belle. I went and saw the yellow dress. And he wore makeup and looked prettier than me.”

Red Velvet’s Yeri

Apparently, at one point, Taeil suddenly took his wig off and just left it on the table!

Looks like Yeri will need to coordinate her costume with Taeil next year!