Taekwondo Stars K-Tigers Will Be Debuting As A New Co-Ed K-Pop Group Soon

Mark your calendars for K-Tigers Zero’s debut!

Every K-Pop fan knows how amazing Taekwondo is thanks to some spectacular performances by the K-Tigers. Their mashups of the Korean martial art form with K-Pop has made many fall in love with them but very soon they’re going to have everyone falling in love with them for another reason!


Back in August, K-Tigers Entertainment officially announced their plans to debut a new co-ed K-Pop group, K-Tigers Zero. The group was introduced with 12 members, 7 males and 5 females, including former Produce 101 Season 2 contestant Byun Hyunmin who also promoted as a member of RAINZ from 2017 to 2018.

Byun Hyunmin, Ha Sungjin, Jang Junhee, Jung Yunji, Kang Gunwoo, Kim Youjin, Lee Gangmin, Mindy, Na Taejoo, Oh Hyeongkyun, Park Yiseul, and Taemi were announced as the members of K-Tigers Zero.


Representatives from the agency also introduced the group, as a multi-talented group capable of anything and announced plans for them to make their debut in September.

K-Tigers Zero will make their mark as a multi-talented group that is capable of anything, including singing, rap, dance, producing, and choreography.

— Representative, K-Tigers Entertainment


Now that the month in question is finally here, K-Tigers Zero has been bringing even more excitement with the announcement of their debut date as well as some brand new teasers.

All of the members aren’t just skilled taekwondo athletes. In K-Tigers Zero they will be showing off their singing, rapping, and dancing skills too!


On September 10, the group’s agency revealed a new teaser image of all the members that also included their debut date — September 19.


Meanwhile, the group has also already announced their first tour beginning in October!


With their sure to be stunning debut coming up soon, we can’t wait to see what K-Tigers Zero has in store for us all!

Source: @ktigers_ent and Star News