Taemin Breaks Down The Inspiration Behind His Solo Album ‘Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 2’

He put in a lot of effort for his new album.

Taemin has made his comeback with the final installment of his album series with Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 2. Previously, he pre-released 2 KIDS followed by Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 1.

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The title track for his new album “IDEA” was inspired by Plato’s theory of ideas as he sets on a journey of finding his identity. He told Hypebae, “I want to free myself from the darkness and embark on a journey of enlightenment where I discover a new ego, identity, and meaning.”

This new album has a total of nine tracks, three of which he participated in the writing process. He reveals that he is always taking notes in his notebook whenever he gets the chance.

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The three tracks “Heaven, “Think of You,” and “Pansy” are a bit different from the rest of the tracks as they hold a more warm and honest message to his fans.

For the track “Pansy,” there was a special meaning behind the name. “The significance behind the flower is ‘remember me.’ I wanted to tell a message to my fans who have waited for me for a long time.”

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He added, “The pansy flower has a specific day, Pansy Day, and that’s also the day of SHINee’s debut, so it worked perfectly.”

As a whole, he describes Act 2 to be a personal letter to his fans, as instead of focusing on creating perfect lyrics, he put more emphasis on the sincerity of his message.

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I’m not an artist that’s limited by genre. I’m not just an R&B or K-Pop artist, but I’m one who likes to experiment with different genres and styles to diversify my portfolio.

— Taemin

Watch his new music video for “IDEA” below!