Taemin Has A Cute Habit That Fans Adore And This Is How It All Started

This is how his habit started!

Taemin recently made a comeback with his new album Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 1 and shocked fans with his dark concept with the title track “Criminal.”

| @SHINee/Twitter

In order to celebrate the release of his new album, he partnered with Soundwave to hold an video call event with 30 lucky fans. During the event, one fan asked him why he kept doing the ‘dumpling’ hand gesture while promoting with SuperM and what he’s copying that from.

Taemin responded, “Did you know that soccer players make that gesture when they are protesting against the referee? I was copying that and now it’s become a habit.”

The fans let him know that he has become quite the comedian among SuperM fans. “News has been going around among fans that you were born to be a comedian.” To this Taemin was surprised. “Ah really?”

The gesture the fan was referring to could be seen in the most recent midterm exam video released by SuperM. Mark asked the question about what his real name was and Taemin confidently answered, “Lee Min Young!” Although he got it wrong, he asked Mark if he could let this answer slide in which Mark agreed.

Taemin: Lee Min Young!
Taemin: Could you just let my answer slide? I really thought it was Lee Min Young.
Mark Okay Okay.

Fans remembered that he started to do this gesture five years ago as he tried to copy Minho.

But over time, he became more confident with the gesture and eventually became a cute habit of his!

Of course fans all know the duality Taemin holds on and off stage. Watch “Criminal” to see the dark and charismatic side of our cute baby cheese!