Taemin Doesn’t Seem To Have Any Luck With Throwing Things Apparently

Taemin hasn’t had the best of luck with his aim.

SuperM released their debut album, SuperM – The 1st Mini Album on October 4 before performing their first concert in L.A. on October 5.

They also started their tour in the U.S. and Canada and held their first concert in Fort Worth, Texas, at the Dickies Arena on November 11.

On November 19, they held their show in New York City, which will be the final concert as part of this tour for 2019.

Footage and photos from various shows on tour spread on social media of Taemin acting goofy.

Apparently, he wasn’t gifted with the talent to throw a ball. (NYC)




And here he is again almost hitting someone in the crowd. (ATL)




Fans find his lack of luck with throwing balls to be cute and is glad that he has a solid day job as an idol.















He may be a mess at throwing and aiming correctly, but he sure is one heck of a talented idol!