Taemin Dropped Spoilers For His “Act 2” Comeback And Fans Can’t Handle It

He dropped some major hints!

On October 26, SHINee’s Taemin made a guest appearance for the Delicious Rendezvous live stream to help sell chives from Bosung to help local farmers.

Taemin revealed to fans that Paik Jong Won had promised to give him a gift if he could get all 1,000 boxes of chives sold within 30 minutes. Turns out, Taemin didn’t even need one minute to sell these chives because everything the show had in stock sold out within 30 seconds!

For the rest of the live stream, Taemin assisted Paik along with APRIL’s Naeun revealing different recipes that could be made using chives.

Taemin could even be seen making a yummy seafood chive pancake!

Before the live stream ended, Heechul asked what Taemin’s next promotions would be about. While fans knew that there would be an Act 2 coming out, no details were released yet. But for those watching the live stream, they received a huge spoiler from Taemin himself!

Yeah I can tell you the title…I don’t think I’m supposed to but it doesn’t matter. The title is called “Idea” and comes out on November 8th…or was it the 9th? I’m kind of confused but it will come out around then. I’m not sure when the teaser drops because it’s taking some time to edit.

⁠— Taemin

| @shinee0718sw/Twitter

Heechul asked what type of concept it would be and if it was similar to anything he had released before. “It’s a bit harder than ‘Criminal’. I don’t mean that the concept is strong but that the choreography is a bit more dynamic.”

Well you heard it from the man himself! We’re getting another Taemin comeback in a few weeks! Taemin recently released Act 1: Never Gonna Dance Again with the title track “Criminal.”