Taemin Reveals He Gained Inspiration For His Album By Watching A Variety Of Movies

He hopes fans will enjoy this new thriller concept.

Taemin has finally made his long-awaited solo comeback with his third album Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 1. He released his title track “Criminal” music video which gained attention for its interesting thriller movie style concept.

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Taemin received a variety of different opinions regarding his new album. “I’ve put in my heart and soul into this album so I was nervous yet excited to release it.”

This new comeback is a part of a three-part series that tells a story about artist Taemin. It starts with his prologue single 2 KIDS, Act 1, and Act 2. For Act 1, he metaphorically expresses the beginning of rebellion to break free from the familiar world.

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At first I wanted to make a special album so I tried to gain inspiration from watching various movies. Then I thought it would be fun to unravel this album like a movie with a storyline so I used ‘movie’ as my reference while planning for this concept. I worked with the company to lay out my thoughts to develop a story that would ultimately be used for my album.

⁠— Taemin

He also added that Act 2 will connect to the storyline in Act 1.

In regards to choosing “Criminal” as the title track, he revealed, “I felt that this track fit well with this album’s concept. That’s why we later added the news report sounds to the track as well as the ad-libs at the end to create a more full effect.”

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He also took part in the planning for the music video. “I was able to work with people that were compatible with me and we worked hard to organize the concept, mood, and flow of the video. I worked hard to make this music video seem like the teaser for a movie so that it could clearly show the story.”

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He did not hide his confidence for this new album and hoped that fans would enjoy it as much as he did. “A lot of my ideas were used for this album and I hope to end this promotion well with good memories. Thanks to all my fans that have waited for my music and I hope to show you my best.”

Watch the official music video below!

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