Taemin Being The King Of Spoilers As Usual For SHINee’s Comeback

Shawols can always count on Taemin.

Shawols were recently excited after SHINee revealed that they would be making a comeback in 2021.

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With this being their first comeback in three years, fans are just dying for some spoilers. Up until recently, they only teased with a clip from SM Entertainment’s recent live stream concert.

But we all know just how much maknae Taemin loves to drop spoilers for us!

At the end of last year, Taemin held a live stream and revealed that they were preparing for a group comeback.


And just recently, Taemin, Onew, and Minho held a live stream with fans and ended up spoiling a bit more about their comeback.

Taemin: Did you tell them? (that it’s tvN?)
Onew: No!
Taemin: You didn’t tell them it’s tvN?
Onew: No I didn’t tell them it was tvN.
Taemin: Ah I see, you didn’t tell them that we’re doing a solo show yet. Well since it’s a secret let’s not tell them yet that we’re doing a solo show on tvN.
Onew: We’re doing a solo show on tvN.
Taemin: This is a secret.
Onew: This isn’t being broadcast right?
Minho: Nope.
Taemin: Ok so then let’s not tell them hyung.
Minho: Did you guys say something? I didn’t hear anything.

Turns out that they will be doing some sort of solo show through tvN!

As if that wasn’t enough, they even gave some spoilers about the choreography.

Taemin gave a big spoiler revealing that compared to their “Everybody” choreography, which was much bigger in movement, their new track had faster and smaller moves. He adds that this new comeback was a style that they have never done before, making fans more curious than ever.

Knowing what a king Taemin is at dropping spoilers, there could be more hints along the way so stay tuned!

Source: theqoo