TaeTiSeo reveals the best drinker in Girls’ Generation

TaeTiSeo recently made an appearance on MBC: FM4U Sunny’s FM Date where the girls discussed who was the best drinker in Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD.

TaeTiSeo opened up with a performance of their most recent song, “Holler.” At the end of their performance, Taeyeon said, “I felt like it would be awkward because the audience was so close to us, but the crowd was wild. I thought they would make it feel colder, but I am actually feeling their warmth.”

Sunny asked the members of TaeTiSeo, “If SNSD goes out for a drink, who can handle the most and stay up the longest?” Tiffany answered, “The crowd is already whispering ‘Lee Soon Kyu.'” Sunny responded, “I wasn’t aware that there was a member in SNSD named Lee Soo Kyu,” pretending to be confused. She added, “If you can guess what the answer is and send us a text message, we will send you a signed CD.”

Taeyeon interrupted, asking “Are we talking about after parties or just drinking alcohol alone. If it is only drinking alcohol, then the answer would be Sunny.” Upon hearing this, Sunny replied, “Hello, my name is Lee Soon Kyu of SNSD, also known as Lee Sool (alcohol in Korean) Kyu,” which caused a roar of laughter among the audience.

Source: Newsen