Taeyang Sets A New Trend As He Debuted His Brand New Look At The Airport

A true icon living.

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang made a rare public appearance as he was seen arriving at the airport for his fashion appearance in Milan.


Taeyang was dressed in Fendi as he sported a pulled of a small bag, shades, and a shaved hairstyle all with ease!


He greeted his fans and the press for the first time in a while as he looked as confident as ever!


He made the airport crosswalk his stage as everyone couldn’t help but envy his fashion style and choice of outfit.


Perhaps he was a little shy to reveal his newly shaved hairstyle as he cutely touched his head before finishing his greeting with the fans.


But he never once lost his cool as he proved that he’s a true icon living!


And he made literally everyone else at the airport look like peasants as he reigned as the fashion King!


Needless to say, Taeyang successful set a new trend and standard for airport outfits!