Taeyang Gets Scammed By A Local During His Vacation In Europe

Taeyang gained an interesting friend and lost a few bucks during his trip to Europe.

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang recently made an overseas trip, where he was able to enjoy some time to himself amidst his packed schedule. While traveling Europe, Taeyang was approached by a particularly sly street vendor in Milan, Italy.

Right before he came…

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Taeyang was approached by a man who complimented him on his interesting hair.

The Moment he liked my hair.. #BFF

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When he was offered a handmade bracelet as a symbol of their newfound friendship, Taeyang assumed that he was being given something akin to a fan gift. But upon putting the bracelet on his wrist, the man charged Taeyang 5 euros. Although realizing that he had been duped by the vendor’s sly marketing trick, Taeyang took the experience as a learning experience.

Rather than having a hostile reaction, Taeyang jokingly said he gave him the money in order to preserve the friendship. As it turns out, the trick is rather common throughout Europe street vendors, and is often used to get unsuspecting tourists to pay for jewelry.

While it’s never fun to lose money to a trick, Taeyang didn’t seem to hurt from the incident. In fact, he continued to share photos from his trip to Italy, which he really appeared to enjoy.


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The Life of Tourist

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