Taeyang Made $47.6 Million USD In 2017

It’s no “Dirty Cash”!

K-Pop idols don’t only rely on their music to make bank. Investment savvy idols like BIGBANG‘s Taeyang use additional means to increase their wealth!

The List 2018 just revealed that Taeyang earned 50.6 billion KRW ($47.6 million USD) in 2017 alone through smart real estate investments!

Taeyang purchased a beautiful home worth 4.25 billion KRW (~ $4 million USD) right by the Han River in Seoul. It’s said to have one of the best views.

Insiders say it’s also expected to be Min Hyo Rin and his newlywed house after their wedding in February!

On top of the beautiful house, Taeyang also purchased an 8-floor building for 7.7 billion KRW (~ 7.1 million USD)! It’s also located right by the Han River, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Seoul.

His savvy investment skills have yielded a fountain of profits for this him at the young age of 29!

Frankly, Taeyang didn’t even have to rely too heavily on the real-estate business because the income from BIGBANG and his solo career garners him a heavy check every year!

But as music his Taeyang’s main passion, he hired a trusted wealth management professional to manage his extensive real estate properties.

It seems the BIGBANG members discuss real-estate investments quite often as Daesung and G-Dragon are also known to be owners of expensive buildings!

Way to be a responsible investor, Taeyang!

Source: Kookmin Ilbo