Taeyang Claims Partial Responsibility for Criticisms Surrounding BIGBANG

“I’m partially responsible as well.”

Taeyang recently spoke with Esquire regarding the negative criticisms surrounding the BIGBANG following Seungri‘s scandal.

When he was asked if he felt like it was unfair that this happened when he didn’t get involved in a single scandal since his debut, Taeyang gave his honest thoughts.

I want to resolve all of the issues in a realistic and wise way.

– Taeyang

Taeyang then went on to claim partial responsibility for all that has happened despite the fact that he was never involved in a scandal on his own.

Half of my life was spent in BIGBANG while the other half of my life was spent as Taeyang. As a result, I have many human relationships formed through the group. And more than anything else, I received a lot of love from fans by being a part of the group. So that means I’m partially responsible as well.

– Taeyang

For that reason, Taeyang expressed that it’s his calling do get through all of the hardships together as a group.

Taeyang also spoke up about BIGBANG’s return as a 4-member group.

No matter what choice we make, we’ll be seen in a negative light, although we don’t know for how long. We thought a lot about what to do once I was discharged from the military, and that’s when we got an unexpected offer from Coachella. So we all agreed to try it out.

– Taeyang

Following their debut in 2006, BIGBANG took over the K-Pop world as a 5-member group.


However, following Seungri’s Burning Sun scandal in 2019, he announced his retirement, meaning BIGBANG will continue to be active as a 4-member group from this point onward.


In addition to Seungri’s scandal, T.O.P and G-Dragon have been involved in marijuana scandals in the past, and Daesung recently faced a scandal involving an adult entertainment establishment taking place in a building that he owned.

Considering the many things BIGBANG has been through in recent years, there’s a lot of anticipation for what the group will have to offer fans in the coming months.

Source: Insight