Taeyang reveals honest statement, “Only in South Korea do idols need official statements on their private life”

In a recent meeting with the press, Taeyang talks about idols dating in South Korea, in response to a question thrown towards G-Dragon. 

On November 25th, G-Dragon and Taeyang met with the press in Mapo, Seoul, as they promote their latest single, “Good Boy.”

During the interview, G-Dragon was asked to comment on the photos published of him together with Japanese model, Kiko Mizuhara, to which he replied, “I have nothing to say.” However, as the interviewer continued to talk about the scandal, G-Dragon was about to make a comment but became hesitant when signalled by an agency staff.

Despite the interruption, G-Dragon answered the question saying that no other words will benefit him, emphasising the need to release a statement when it is time. He also redirected the statement of the interviewer that as meeting another person is not forbidden, he will remain doubtful to personally confirm or deny the reports.

Seeing the turn of the interview, Taeyang shared his thoughts on celebrities dating in South Korea, stating that, “I think it is only in South Korea where an official statement is needed for our private lives.” He explains that he finds it worrying for the public to be interested in the minute details of their life, citing that it also becomes a burden to their company to release something that needs not be said.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon joins Taeyang under the project unit, GD X Taeyang, as they exclusively perform “Good Boy” for the first time at the 2014 MAMA in Hong Kong on December 3rd.

Source: MK