Taeyang to collaborate with Jeff Bernat?

The collaboration between Filipino-American singer-songwriter and producer Jeff Bernat and BIGBANG’s Taeyang is expected to be announced soon.

An industry official has revealed that Jeff Bernat and Taeyang have been meeting together, working on a track together in secret. Earning the title of “Genius R&B Musician” in South Korea, China, and Japan, news of his collaboration with Taeyang has gained a lot of anticipation and expectations.

Previously, Jeff Bernat had hinted at his collaboration work with Taeyang on his Twitter account, arousing the curiosity of fans, but later removed said post.

The artist held a concert in October, where he reinterpreted Taeyang’s hit track of the year, “Eyes, Nose, Lips” in English, attracting a lot of attention from music lovers.

Meanwhile, Jeff Bernat is due to release a new album next year. Taeyang is currently promoting “Good Boy” as a duo collaboration group with G-Dragon. 

Source: My Daily