Taeyang’s upcoming “Fantastic Duo” appearance gains interest

In case you missed BIGBANG following their massive tour, member Taeyang is set to appear in a new show on SBS

On March 22nd, it was reported that Taeyang will be appearing on the program Fantastic Duo on SBS which is due to be aired this April. The singer reportedly briefly recorded for the program and filmed a duet version of his own song. The version will be released on EverySing, allowing the participants to apply for the program using the mobile application.

Despite appearing on other programs before, Taeyang is receiving a lot of interests for this appearance from his fans, further anticipating his upcoming duet performance on the program.

Fantastic Duo is descibred as a program that allows audience members to sing a duet with a singer through the mobile application. The first episode is set to air on April 17th.

Source: MyDaily