Taeyeon Confesses That She Cries Whenever She Thinks About Her Fans

She can’t put it into words.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon was featured as the cover for 1st Look Magazine’s June issue, and she spilled her heart about her fans and her ever-changing styles.

During the interview, she opened her heart about her long history with her fans. After over 12 years since meeting her SONEs for the first time, Taeyeon can’t help but tear up whenever she thinks about them.

She sincerely thanked them for always supporting her throughout the years and expressed her love towards them that can’t be fully expressed in words!

Whenever I think of my fans, I cry for some reason. A complicated feeling of thankfulness, apologies, love, and emotions that I can’t put into words rise up in me and I can’t speak.

The fact that I have fans who continue to treasure and love me without changing makes me feel so thankful.

— Taeyeon

Considering how she’s unable to personally meet her fans due to the current shutdown of large gatherings, Taeyeon revealed how she’s been spending her days.

She revealed that these days, she’s been delving into the world of cosmetics as her free time hobby to relieve stress.

When I’m bored and have nothing to do, I go play at a cosmetic shop. I check out the latest releases and try on a lot of things. I also test them out at home.

It’s become a way for me to play and relieve stress.

— Taeyeon

Taeyeon is preparing for the day when she gets to reunite with her SONEs, and she’s preparing something new with brand new styles! She expressed how she enjoys collaborating and learning from industry professionals about the latest trends and styles.

I want to revamp extreme transformations into something that’s ‘me’. I especially enjoy when I’m at a photoshoot and I get to brainstorm with various professionals to talk about our options.

I learn industry tricks and inside information during those times.

— Taeyeon

Ever the queen thinking only of her fans! SONEs can look forward to more challenging styles pulled off by one and only Taeyeon!

Source: Osen

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