Taeyeon Was So Hyped Up At Her Concert, She Almost Broke Her Teeth

She revealed exactly what happened.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon had a few realizations as she talked about the important highlights from her concert during a recent live broadcast.


She revealed that during one of her stages, she became came too excited and hit her tooth with her own microphone! The pain was apparently alarming, it left her thinking she almost broke it!

“I’ll tell you another episode. I hurt my front tooth during my performance because I did this with the mic.

At the time, it hurt so much that I felt like I’ll have to go to the dentist and get it laminated.”

— Taeyeon


Thankfully, her tooth was fine. It healed itself and it no longer hurts!

“But it feels fine now. It doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s so weird.”

— Taeyeon


She even thought of having it checked as soon as possible but it seems like the pain just went away… 


Her fans are all about her weird antics though as they continued to talk about her eventful solo concert. 


This was her third solo concert which attracted at least 10,000 people between the two concert days. After her Seoul concert, Taeyeon is looking forward to meet her fans with a tour across Asia! 


Let’s hope there’s no more tooth accidents this time!

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