Taeyeon Spotted Crying During Jonghyun’s Song At Golden Disc Awards 2018

“It was difficult to hold back tears. I still can’t help it.”

Lee Hi held a beautiful tribute performance of “Breathe” at the Golden Disc Awards. It left everyone watching in tears, including Lee Hi herself who had to stop singing to compose herself.

Lee Hi breaks down crying while singing “Breathe” at Golden Disc Awards

Most noticeably, Taeyeon was spotted crying during Lee Hi’s performance. The song was composed by the late Jonghyun, who Taeyeon was also very close with.

Ailee was also seen next to her, trying to comfort her.

After the show, Taeyeon held an Instagram Live to chat with her lovely fans. Taeyeon took home a Disc Bonsang for herself as well as for Girls’ Generation. She took the time to talk about the thoughts running through her head during Lee Hi’s performance.

“I really enjoyed Lee Hi’s stage. When Lee Hi was singing, I wanted to help her. In that moment, the distance between us felt so far. I wanted to give her a pat on the back. She performed so well, so I felt even more grateful. Lee Hi, you did well. You did really well. I haven’t seen you in a while, but you’re even prettier now.”

— Taeyeon on Lee Hi’s tribute to Jonghyun 


During the live, Taeyeon also confessed that she still has a hard time holding back her tears when it comes to thinking about Jonghyun.

“It was difficult to hold back tears. I still can’t help it.” 

— Taeyeon

The day before, IU also had a beautiful speech that mentioned Jonghyun. Red Velvet’s Yeri was then seeing breaking down in tears while artists around her comforted her.

(★BREAKING) Watch IU’s Heartbreaking Speech About Jonghyun, At The Golden Disk Awards

It’s beautiful to see artists supporting each other publicly during a such a difficult time.

Red Velvet’s Yeri Breaks Down Crying After IU’s Speech About Jonghyun

Source: Nate News

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