Taeyeon Viciously Attacked By Netizens After Posting A Photo With This Male Idol

“….f*ck off slut.”

Taeyeon recently shared a photo of herself at a musical called “The Man Who Laughs” on her Instagram account.

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It appears that she had gone to see the musical in order to support her fellow SM artist, EXO‘s Suho, who was one of the lead characters.


As soon as the post went live, netizens claiming to be EXO fans began attacking her for going to see a member of the group. Many of these malicious attackers are referring to her past relationship with Baekhyun, where she received backlash from EXO fans.


Some netizens have been feeling sorry for Taeyeon as she alone seemed to be receiving excessive criticism for the post. Not much was said when Baekhyun went to see Seohyun’s musical performance.


Moreover, a number of female celebrities also went to support Suho at his musical without facing backlash from netizens.


After seeing what these alleged EXO fans have done to Taeyeon, a large group of EXO-Ls came to her defense and shamed those who criticized Taeyeon for her post.

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