Taeyeon Fires Back At Hater By Exposing ID And Messages

“B*tch I told you to stop didn’t I?”

Taeyeon has fired back at one of the netizens who was sending hate messages by revealing their ID and messages.

On the night of May 16th, Taeyeon shared a series of poems on her Instagram Story.


In response to some of these poems, one netizen sent Taeyeon hate messages, which Taeyeon eventually exposed along with the person’s ID.

B*tch I told you to stop didn’t I? Lol Are you f*cking crazy? Why are you acting all shameful and sh*t? Do you want a guy that bad? So why didn’t you treat him well when he was there. Someone please beat some sense into this girl.

Isn’t Instagram a space for you to communicate with your fans? Aren’t you even sorry towards your fans for showing your f*cking stupid regret? Are the fans who even like you after this and want to f*cking settle down with you just fools? What a f*cking pathetic idiot.


SM Entertainment has been taking legal action against those who post malicious comments and defame the character of their artists.

It is possible that Taeyeon may be giving the malicious commenters a warning by exposing the ID and messages of this certain commenter.


Meanwhile, netizens have been sympathizing with Taeyeon.


Source: News1