Taeyeon Addresses Rumors About Filming “Secret Unnie” With Hyuna

Rumors claimed Taeyeon and Hyuna will be appearing on JTBC’s “Secret Unnie” together.

JTBC initially put fans in a frenzy after teasing for a possible Secret Unnie episode featuring Taeyeon and Hyuna. 


It all started with a video teaser where a production staff asked Taeyeon about her possibly starring on Secret Unnie with Hyuna.

Staff: “There’s a rumor that you’re coming on Secret Unnie.

Taeyeon: “There’s a rumor I’m doing something with Hyuna.”


And fans reacted positively with some already noting how the two seem to be actively supporting each other on their personal Instagram accounts.

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Upon closer look, however, it seems that it’s not as confirmed as everyone thought… 

“Hyuna is too busy to film. I’m also busy because…. I have to go home.”

— Taeyeon


Secret Unnie is a JTBC reality program that features two female celebrities (one younger, the other older) to spend a full day together. Celebrities who have been featured on the program are Red Velvet’s Seulgi, Sunmi, MAMAMOO’s Wheein and Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon. 


Taeyeon looks like a highly-possible candidate but it seems like she has put the rumors to rest. Or did she?