Taeyeon’s Latest Instagram Photos Prove She Hasn’t Aged At All Over The Years

Time has no effect on Taeyeon!

Taeyeon uploaded a new Instagram post where she took a selfie showing off her braided pigtails. She captioned the photo, “What’s with my bangs🤧”


Fans couldn’t believe their eyes as they began commenting about how she hasn’t aged one bit over the years!

  • “It feels like she’s gone back in time.”
  • “Why has nothing changed over the years.. I’m jealous”
  • “Is she seriously 31 years oldㅠㅜㅠㅜ It feels like time only passes for meㅠ”


This is Taeyeon. It may look like this photo was taken only a few days apart, but…


…it was actually taken 5 years ago!

Left: 2014, Right: 2019


Let’s go farther back! Can you tell that there’s a 10 years difference between these photos?

Left: 2009, Right: 2019


What about even farther back to when she first debuted in 2007, nearly 12 years ago?!

Left: 2007, Right: 2019


Taeyeon literally just proved that vampires really do exist!

Source: Asiae

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