Taeyeon In Her New Commercial Will Make Your Heart Skip A Few Beats

She’s out of this world beautiful.

Taeyeon has been the model for the South Korean nail product company Gelato Factory since 2018. After renewing her contract with the company for 2019, Taeyeon appeared on a new version of the company’s gel nail commercial. As soon as the company released the commercial on YouTube, Taeyeon’s fans are dumbfounded by the absolute beauty that is captured in the video.


While the commercial itself does not show any of the nail products, it most definitely is getting the job done. Taeyeon, who is back in her summer blonde goddess look, is singing along the catchy song – and frankly, that is more than enough to grab the viewers’ attention in less than a second.


Literally glowing in the platinum blonde hair and yellow sundress, Taeyeon looks like summer personified. It is no wonder that Gelato Factory’s sales sky rocketed as soon as the company signed Taeyeon to model their products. It saw a tremendous amount of incline in its brand recognition and reputation, as soon as Taeyeon began promoting.


And with this new video featuring Taeyeon, everyone is bound to be singing the Gelato Factory commercial song this summer as well!


We all knew Taeyeon is super gorgeous, but this really tops her past commercials. Watch the breathtaking commercial here: