Taeyeon Shows Off New Stunning Tattoos And Fans Debate If They’re Real

Are they real?

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon updated her Instagram with new photos of herself dawning four beautiful tattoos on her chest and shoulders.

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She had a faded rose on her right shoulder, a rose on her right shoulder, and a variety of beautiful flowers below her collar bones.

Needless to say, fans were absolutely mesmerized by her beauty with these tattoos!

Taeyeon didn’t mention if these tattoos were real or not, so a debate soon sparked on whether these tattoos were temporary or permanent. JonBoy Tattoo, who has worked on a few tattoos for Taeyeon before, left a comment underneath her post. Fans began to wonder if it meant that the tattoos were real.

But it was soon discovered by fans that the tattoos were just temporary tattoos. An online shop sells the exact graphics.

| Photo Credit: Tattist

Taeyeon loves trying on new styles and looks, having played with temporary tattoos in the past. But if she decided to get them for real, she’d definitely have her fans’ support!

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