Taeyeon Allegedly Made A Comment About Seungri And Burning Sun Scandal

Netizens claim she was referring to Seungri.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon recently uploaded a video on her YouTube channel, showing her fans a trip to her favorite pancake store.


On her way there, she confessed that her doctor told her to stay away from flour and sweets.


But ever the take-charge type of woman, Taeyeon said she’s going to live her life however she wants to!


But she soon paused for a moment before adding in that she’ll live her life as she wants to “within legal boundaries.” The captions soon read “Unintentional reflection period“.


A fan who watched the video, uploaded a post claiming that Taeyeon was making a reference to Seungri’s recent scandal involving the Burning Sun club, drugs, prostitution, and other illegal activities.

“I was watching Taeyeon’s everyday life on Taengoo TV when I burst out in laughter hahahahaha The doctor told Taeyeon not to eat flour but she says she wants to live however she wants to and eat whatever she wants, but she suddenly pauses and says within legal boundaries.. And the caption said unintentional reflection period hahahahahahahaha

Unlike someone, Taeyeon is so cool and very honestㅠ All these celebrities dissed Choi Soon Sil during her scandal but everyone fell silent when it came to YG. I can guess what’s really happening but Taeyeon has nothing to fear hahaha”

— OP


Other netizens praised Taeyeon for allegedly making a bold statement to live a righteous life, unlike other celebrities.


Whether Taeyeon was really making a reference to Seungri’s recent scandal or not, Taeyeon is just enjoying life as she wants to (within legal boundaries)!

Source: Nate Pann

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