Taeyeon Successfully Transformed Into A Slytherin

She may well be the most beautiful Slytherin there ever was!

Taeyeon successfully transformed into a Hogwarts student, specifically into a Slytherin, during her recent visit to Universal Studios Japan.

On April 25, Taeyeon shared photos of herself in a Slytherin uniform as she enjoyed her outing at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Japan.


Taeyeon also shared a photo of herself drinking some delicious butterbeer with a cute foam mustache. She stated in the caption, “Rumors claim I bleached my hair blonde to come here…”


Fellow Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung commented in the section below, “So you’re Malfoy, right? Not Hermione…”


Some may be wondering why she has chosen to be a Slytherin but it appears that she believes it is her destiny.

Q: Why do you like Slytherin?

Taeyeon: It’s destiny. It’s not that I like it, I’m just a Sll…Okay I’m gonna stop there.


She even announced to all the “Muggles” of the world that she was taking a break from school.

Muggles, I’ve taken a break from school.


She was clearly having a blast as she uploaded numerous photos of herself walking around the in world of Harry Potter.



She also told fans to look forward to another episode of Taengu TV, her official YouTube channel, which will most likely show her adventures in the wizarding world!

Lol. Look forward to Taengu TV.

Not too much. Just a little.


Taeyeon is currently touring Japan on her Taeyeon Japan Tour 2019 ~Signal~ and recently completed her concert in Osaka on April 23. It seems that she went out to have a little fun before moving on to Nagoya for her next concert on April 27!


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