Taeyeon’s New Tattoo May Be The Coolest Tattoo You’ve Ever Seen

It’s “invisible” in daylight!

Taeyeon recently got a new tattoo that may be the coolest tattoo you’ve ever seen!

A tattoo shop recently shared a video of Taeyeon’s new UV tattoo, which only appears under UV light.


While it is nearly invisible during the daytime or under normal light…


It glows under UV/black lights that are often used at clubs or bars!


In fact, Taeyeon is known to be a fan of “mini tattoos” and already has numerous small tattoos all around her body. Behind her ear, she has a Pieces symbol, which is her zodiac sign.


She also has an “I” and “F” for her two solo tracks “I” and “Fine” on her thumb and middle finger, as well as another small fish on her other middle finger.


She also has one above her elbow that says “Serenity” as well as many more!

But it seems that her most recent UV tattoo is by far the most unique one she has!


Source: SBS

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