Taeyeon Uploads A “Drunk” Message To Her Instagram

Taeyeon uploaded an Instagram post with two photos along with a caption where she thanked her concert staff for everything. Lots of people, including the Korean media; believe that she wrote that thank you message while she was drunk.

A screenshot of an article by Korean media with the title of the article, translated into English by Koreaboo.

In the post, there are a handful of grammatical and punctuation errors, the post was uploaded on the early hours of January 8 and the second photo of the post shows her with the concert staff with alcoholic beverages.

“It was a really good team. The crowd was good, the band was awesome with their great instruments and their skills were good –

I want to thank all of them but all of them except two are oppas [older than me] so I will just congratulate them and thank them in a more proper way. I shold go to bed now though hah”

— Taeyeon

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Even though she didn’t admit she was drunk, people think she was drunk because of all of the reasons mentioned above.

Taeyeon is known to enjoy alcoholic drinks but she is also known to be weak with drinks. Even though she doesn’t handle her alcohol well, she really likes drinking and the atmosphere of drinking together with friends. She even got the nickname “Alcohol Trash” from her fellow members, because she gets drunk off of one sip of alcohol.

People left congratulatory messages to Taeyeon’s Instagram post and congratulated everyone else mentioned in her caption as well.

Source: Instagram