Taeyeon’s “Purpose” Album Breaks Record For Highest Amount Of First Day Sales By A Female Artist

The queen’s back to breaking and setting new records!

Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon is back and breaking records!

Taeyeon made her much-awaited comeback with full-album “Purpose” and title track “Spark”. With her comeback release, Taeyeon trended worldwide with the hashtag #Taeyeon_Spark, and achieved a Realtime All-Kill on all major Korean charts.

A few hours after her album dropped, “Purpose” recorded first day sales of 78,327 copies on Hanteo charts. With these numbers, the album now currently holds the new record for highest first day sales of an album by a female artist! It sold 78k copies in 2 hours and 76k copies in bulk buy from Taeyeon’s Chinese fans.


The record was previously held by BLACKPINK, with their “Kill This Love” album released in April 2019 (78,275 copies).

Congratulations, Taeyeon!

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