NCTzens Think Taeyong May Debut Solo In May

Taeyong hinted he would meet fans again “before it turns very hot.”

SM Entertainment’s recent videos regarding the HYBE share acquisition have caused quite a commotion on social media, with fans eager to know the latest updates and how this process will impact their idols. Of these videos, one of the most talked about right now is the one that presents the projects lined up for the first half of 2023.

Among other artists’ activities, it was the announcement of an official NCT solo debut in May that caught the fans’ eyes. NCTzens took to online communities to share their theories on which member could the solo belong to.

NCT members have released solo songs before, through SM Station, and appeared as features in other artists’ songs. An official debut, though, will be a big deal, not only because of the promotions it receives but also because the schedule specifies that the debut will be a mini album — something no member has released before.

Different fans had theories for different members — for instance, some fans think Taeil could be a contender, as the idol is expected to enlist soon. However, due to recent hints, it seems like Taeyong is the one most fans agree on.

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The biggest hint came during a fan video call Taeyong had at the beginning of the month. When asked about solo activities for this year, he hinted he would meet fans again “before it turns very hot” and “in the month of May.

Fan: Since there will be a lot of solo activities this year…

Taeyong: Right.

Fan: Can you give a little bit of a spoiler about this?

Taeyong: Oh……I don’t know if I can give this spoiler? I think we can see each other before the weather gets super hot.

Fan: When can we see each other again???

Taeyong: Hmm…in May???

After the SM schedule for the first half of the year was released, fans went back to the tweet and theorized that the solo debut could very well be for Taeyong!

The NCT star has expressed the desire to release a solo album before, even before NCT’s official group debut.

He also has the talent and popularity to back his wish.

Even though a more recent SM artist activity plan for 2023 came out, which specified WayV’s Ten would get his debut with a mini album, fans still believe Taeyong will do so as well. There is another unnamed solo listed next to Ten’s debut, and everyone is looking forward to the official announcement.

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