Tahiti’s Jisoo will take a temporarily leave from the group due to her falling health

After being diagnosed with panic disorder and depression, Tahiti‘s Jisoo will halt all activities until she has recovered.

Tahiti’s Jisoo was admitted to the hospital earlier on the 15th due to poor health. There, it was diagnosed that she has been showing signs of depression and panic disorder.

Jisoo will be halting all promotions, both with the group and personal, until her health recovers. There are also discussions going on about how her illness will affect her movie promotions.

Jisoo’s condition may also affect the group’s comeback plans, as an official from Tahiti’s agency J-Line Entertainment said,

“Due to Jisoo’s break, we will need to revise Tahiti’s schedules. We had planned a new Korean album to be released in June but there is a possibility that will need to be changed.”

— J-Line Entertainment

J-Line Entertainment also released a statement on the group’s official fancafe,

“Hello, this is J-Line Entertainment.

Thank you for always supporting Tahiti. We have sad news for all the fans who were preparing to attend ‘Tahiti JAPAN LIVE in OSAKA’ on March 17. Tahiti member Jisoo’s health suddenly deteriorated and was sent to the hospital. Jisoo still wishes to attend the Osaka concert but is unable to due to the discretion of the doctor. We hope that all of the fans can understand this situation. Min Jae, Miso, Jerry, and Ari are preparing so that they can cover Jisoo’s absence to the best of their abilities.

Thank you for always loving Tahiti. We will continue working harder to become an even more shining group.

Thank you.”

J-Line Entertainment

Source: Star News, Star Today, Tahiti’s Fancafe