[★TRENDING] Taiwanese EXO-Ls accuse security guards of sexual harassment at concert

After attending EXO’s concert held at the Taipei Arena, many Taiwanese EXO-Ls accused the security guards of sexual harassment on the organizer’s Facebook page.

As cameras are usually banned, it is common practice for security guards to check the bags of concert-goers before they enter the venue. However, at the EXO concert in Taiwan, it appears that the security guards went above and beyond, causing an uproar among the fans who attended the concert.

Many fans expressed that full body searches were performed by touching their chest area, butt, and inner thighs. Many of the bodyguards were male while the fans being touched were female.

Aside from being touched uncomfortably, many fans also recalled instances when the security guards used excessive force after catching those who sneaked cameras into the venue. The actions included pressing a fan’s body onto the ground and dragging her away, having a male staff hug a female fan from behind to stop her from getting away, as well as other forms of pushing and shoving.

In particular, one concerned mother of an EXO-L wrote, “My daughter went to a concert yesterday night (in Area B) and had injuries all over her body. Her camera lenses were broken. And, most importantly, she has been emotionally scarred.

The mother then described what happened to her daughter, saying, “I can accept temporarily taking away the camera for breaking the rule of no cameras. However, what about forcefully pressing someone onto the ground and dragging them away? Is that appropriate? This is Taiwan, a democratic place. Which law allows you to do things like this?

She continued, “I read the other comments, and a lot of kids said they got touched all over their body? How many kids didn’t tell their parents that they were attending the concert? This is because the tickets are too expensive. The kids want to see their idols, but are too afraid to ask their parents for money. They saved up by not eating, all because they want to see their idols just once. Even after being wronged, they are too afraid to say anything at home, so they have expressed their frustration [on this Facebook page]. But there is no response [from the organizer]?

The mother ended her post with, “I feel for the kids who have been hurt from this experience but have to remain silent. I’m even more angry about the aggressive actions that were done against my daughter. We have already done a checkup of the injuries and reserve the right to take legal action. Please contact me.

In regards to the accusations, organizer SuperDome expressed that there were announcements telling fans not to bring cameras into the venue, but a lot of fans still tried to bring them in, and therefore staff members and security guards were asked to perform checks.

Additionally, according to the organizer, female fans were searched by female staff only by lightly patting their arms, waist, and thighs, contrary to fan accounts. It also strongly denied the sexual harassment accusations made by the fans.

Stay safe, EXO-Ls!

Source: Facebook and Liberty Times Net