Taiwanese Fans Criticized For Mobbing BTS At The Airport

Taiwanese ARMYs have expressed their frustration over this airport incident.

International ARMYs are criticizing the “fans” who failed to respect BTS‘s personal space at a Taiwanese airport.


A flock of fans allegedly followed BTS from the airport entrance, through the VIP tunnel, to the exit, and beyond it, in very close proximity.


Unfortunately, since this incident took place in Taiwan, it has cast a poor light Taiwanese ARMYs. Fans quickly clarified the situation by pointing out that the crowders in question were not all Taiwanese ARMYs.


The VIP section is restricted to VIP passengers, which indicates that anyone permitted in the tunnel had to be a VIP flyer. Many who followed BTS through the tunnel were likely returning to their home countries, and may have shared BTS’s flight.


Airport greetings are part of idols’ everyday lives, and they can be enjoyable experiences for everyone so long as they are done respectfully. BTS has personally expressed how touched they were by ARMY’s Purple Ribbon Project.

ARMYs use purple ribbons are used to create respectful barriers between BTS and fans at airports.


In the past, Big Hit Entertainment officially asked international fans to refrain from booking the same flights as BTS, out of respect for their privacy and safety. The company posted a statement on their official Twitter account in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.


According to this statement, there have been a “number of incidents” when fans used illegally obtained information to book the same flights as BTS. During these flights, the fans repeatedly invaded BTS’s privacy, despite the staff’s attempts to stop them.


This 2017 statement specifically asks fans to refrain from invading BTS’s privacy on airplanes and in airports, but it appears that this problem is ongoing. Although many fans at the Taiwanese airport kept their distance in the VIP section, others did not.


In fact, at least one fan has been accused of “stalking” BTS from airport to airport while booking the same flights as the group.


Taiwanese ARMYs have expressed their frustration over the incident and apologized on behalf of their fanbase, even though all Taiwanese ARMYs were not at fault.


To keep BTS safe and comfortable, fans have devised airport etiquette.


ARMYs are encouraged to follow these guidelines at all times for the sake of BTS’s happiness and safety.