[★TRENDING] New Taiwanese idol group accused of plagiarising BTS and GOT7

A TEAM released their song, “Mr.A-TEAM” in January 2017 but fans are now noticing the striking resemblance to GOT7‘s song, “Hard Carry”.

The five-member boy band is part of the Taiwanese TV show, Fighting! Legendary Group, where three teams (A-Team, B-Team and C-Team) fight for their chance to debut.

The song “Mr. A-TEAM” was composed and produced by Jeremy G from the label Future Sound). Daniel Kim, who claims to have produced and worked with GOT7 in his online bio, was also credited as the vocal producer, backing vocal arranger and recording engineer.

Daniel Kim has worked with various K-Pop groups such as EXO, TWICE and Miss A, according to his online profiles. He is also the founder of Legendary Music.

Fighting吧!天團 A-Team's first debut "Mr.A-Team" music video is just released on youtube. Wish these 5 boys all success…

Posted by Future Sound on Friday, February 3, 2017

A-TEAM is heavily promoted by Taiwanese star, F.I.R‘s Real, who runs a label training those who wish to become idols by using Korea’s training system but in Taiwan. He was one of the first to implement the system, revealing that he would not allow Taiwan to lose to Korea in music.

“Recommending three groups, made up of trainees from MUCH TV and Alfa Music,
with different personalities and characteristics~.
In this [day and age] where it’s difficult for Mandarin music,
our company actually dared to spend nearly $10 million NTD [$320,000 USD] to train and produce them.

Which group do you guys think has an opportunity to be truly successful? ^^ Give their facebook page a like!!!

If we have the same training, same resources, same training period, and artists who are just as hard working, I dare to say that Taiwan [cannot] lose to Korea.

Please give support to MUCH TV’s production department and Alfa Music. At this time there are actually companies who are willing to develop trainees. Although we are very late compared to Korea, at least we still have artists who are willing to work hard, companies who are willing to invest, and music producers and managers who are very serious! Fighting!

— F.I.R’s Real



Posted by FIR阿沁 on Thursday, February 9, 2017

GOT7’s “Hard Carry” was released in September 2016, as part of GOT7’s studio album Flight log:Departure. Daniel Kim states on his bio that he contributed to the production of two songs on their previous album, including the title track “HOME RUN”.

Soon after the song was released, one fan messaged the TV Show “Fighting! Legendary Group” Facebook page to see if they were aware of the plagiarism accusations. The fan also claimed that the song was similar to BTS’ “Fire”.

Below is a translated transcript of the conversation:

Fan: Excuse me. Can you explain why A TEAM’s new song sounds so much like Korean male group BTS and GOT7’s songs? The music at the beginning already sounds a lot like BTS’ Fire. Can you get the composer to explain a little?

Fan: What does it mean by ‘read’?

Fighting! Legendary Group: ‘read’ means I read it!

Fan: Then why not give an explanation?

Fighting! Legendary Group: Why do I have to give you an explanation?

Fan: No explanation for plagiarizing? [You’re] not giving an explanation to fans of the original creators?

Fighting! Legendary Group: Is it me who plagiarized? You even said to ask the composer. You go ask him yourself. Why ask me? This is a facebook page for fans.

Fan: OK, then say, are you the official facebook page?

Fighting! Legendary Group: You go to the water company to check the water meter. Go to the utility company to check the electric meter. If you need to change your name, go to the government office. Thanks. Also, GOT7’s producer collaborated for this song. Do I have to lower myself to your level just because you didn’t know this? If I know Andy Lau, do I have to tell you?

Fan: OK, so you explained the GOT7 part. What about the beginning of the song? Do you know BTS? Is there a public collaboration?

Fighting! Legendary Group: There’s nothing hidden. Jeremy G invited him to be responsible for the recording.

Fan: Invited who?

Fighting! Legendary Group: GOT7’s producer!

Fan: Oh ok then we put GOT7’s producer aside. How do you explain the opening sounding like BTS’ song?

Fan: Oh, ‘read’ again ^^ Planning not to respond or are you asking someone [else]?

Original photos of the conversation translated above.

The TV Show later released an official statement, stating that they believe the song is quite different, although it does share similarities. They also addressed the admin who responded to the fan and claimed the admin was being reprimanded.

“Hello! I am ‘Fighting! Legendary Group’ Facebook page’s other admin (the one that was rude is being reprimanded…) Concerning your comments about A Team’s song and how it sounds like Korean groups’ [songs],  I thought they sounded a little bit similar as well after listening!

However, our production team appointed famous producer Jeremy G to specifically produce this song for A Team!

The production team was exclusively selected, and there are Korean musicians as well! After listening to it, I think the style of the two songs are very similar, but there are still differences!

Thanks for your attention! Please continue to give us feedback!

— Fighting! Legendary Group


哈囉!我是Fighting 吧天團粉絲頁的另一個小編,(剛剛那位口氣不好的已經被抓去掌嘴了…)有關您提到A team的歌曲與韓國團體相似的事情,小編聽過以後也覺得真的有些像欸!但這首歌是我們製作單位委託名製的人紀佳松老師量身為A team的製作的歌曲!製作團隊都是一時之選,其中也有韓國的音樂人喔!但小編仔細聽聽之後,兩首歌曲風真的頗像,但還是有差別的啦!謝謝您的關注!也請繼續給我們意見喔!

Posted by Fighting吧!天團 on Friday, February 10, 2017

Neither JYP Entertainment or Big Hit Entertainment have responded to the story and accusations of their artists being plagarized as of yet.