Taiwanese Influencer Claims Korean Male Idol Tried To Make Love In The Club Bathroom

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Taiwanese influencer XiaoXiao made allegations that have Taiwan’s internet lit!

Influencer XiaoXiao | DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube

On a recent episode of DeeGirlsTalk the influencer claimed to have dated a Korean male idol A. What’s more, the influencer flipped the set when she divulged that the idol had once asked her to go to the bathroom to do the deed!

| DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube

The influencer explained that she first met the idol through acquaintances when he came to Taiwan for a performance.

According to XiaoXiao, the idol invited her to a club in Taiwan when while dancing and kissing, the idol asked her to go to the bathroom together.

She alleged, “The idol hinted that he wanted to make love in the bathroom but I was too embarassed and I refused.”

| DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube

The host asked the influencer who the idol was and when XiaoXiao told her, she was stunned and revealed it was a member of a second generation idol group.

| DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube

Other panelists on the show were equally amazed when they found out who the idol was.

| DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube

The host called the idol a superstar and even bowed to the influencer.

| DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube

Check the video for yourself to see if this story has dancing shoes to stand on.



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