Taiwanese pop star Run accused of plagiarizing Rain

Run is accused of plagiarizing Rain’s “La Song” with his comeback track, “LaLaLa,” both in melody and choreography similarities following his press conference.

After a nearly 30-year hiatus as a singer, Bao Wei-Ming has made his return to the Mandopop world, this time promoting under the name Run. In his press conference, he demonstrated his skill in both dancing and singing as he performed his new track “LaLaLa” in hopes of wowing the media that was present. When talks of plagiarism began to arise, Run accepted the criticism with humility but showed respect for Rain as a professional and for his work as an artist.

Although he did not recognize the accusations, Run has encouraged friends and netizens alike for constructive comments.

As an 80’s superstar, Run captured the hearts of thousands of girls 30 years prior and hasn’t aged a day since his last comeback. His dancing skills and smooth vocals have won over many new fans as well. Some have pointed out that he resembles Park Hae Jin of You Who Came From the Stars fame; it doesn’t seem that his charms have faded away.

Suspicion first began to arise when it was pointed out that his chorus choreography similarly mimics Rain’s choreography from “La Song” as well as some similar melodies. Netizens even joked that “His English name is Run, which sounds pretty similar to Rain.”

Run stated that although he has not seen the netizens’ comments, his agency has been updating him on the situation. He says, “I have much respect for those who compose the music and lyrics. I have seen the MV and I think it is quite interesting. We are not imitating another’s concept, in fact, the song was originally titled “Who Do You Resemble?” but I personally renamed the song “LaLaLa”, however, there is no mimicked melody and no plagiarism issue. We humbly accept the criticism of netizens. But with time, I will prove that I did not return just for fun.”

Source: ETToday