Famous Taiwanese Singer Rainie Yang Proves She’s A Total BLACKPINK Lisa Fan

Lisa actually has a connection to the singer and actress.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is beloved by celebrities and fans all around the world for her talent and recently gained a new fan in someone particularly famous.

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Known as a famous Taiwanese singer and actress, Rainie Yang proved she was a fan of Lisa through an Instagram clip with almost half a million views.

Rainie Yang | @rainie77/Instagram

Kicking off her career as part of a girl group in 2000 and continuing to be an amazing performer over twenty years later, Rainie Yang bust out the choreography to Lisa’s “MONEY”.

Fans cheered Rainie Yang on for covering the song so well and noticed a connection between the two artists.

Rainie Yang is the wife of Lisa’s co-mentor Li Rong Hao from the Chinese survival show Youth With You.

Rainie Yang with husband Li Rong Hao. | @rainie77/Instagram

During a moment from the show’s third season, Li Rong Hao even told Lisa himself that his wife was a huge fan of hers.

Check out Rainie Yang proving she’s a total BLINK here.

Source: YouTube