Take An Exclusive Look At Privé, EXO Baekhyun’s Brand New Affordable Streetwear Brand

Baekhyun designed timeless, classic, comfy, and fashionable pieces.

Streetwear clothing company Privé recently announced they would be launching the Privé by BBH collection, with EXO‘s Baekhyun as the co-creative director.

Photo: Ahn Yeonhoo


The project first started in October when the company met with Baekhyun and began to discuss his style and ideas.

Photo: Ahn Yeonhoo

“Lately, I’d been thinking I’d like to wear clothes that my thought have gone into. And so, I was incredibly excited to collaborate with Privé because I love streetwear too!” 

— Baekhyun


The project continued to grow over the past several months, with Baekhyun taking the time to study every detail that went into each clothing item. He wanted to make sure his collaboration was fashionable yet comfortable.

“I chose cotton because it’s comfortable. The reason why I chose white for the hoodie and tees is that the Privé logo was so pretty, I thought a white background with just the logo right there was the best.” — Baekhyun


The collection will launch on July 1 and will feature six timeless and classic unisex streetwear items. Following the initial launch will be monthly drops of six to ten new items.


While the collection is designed with a simple yet elegant idea in mind, there is still a lot of Baekhyun’s unique personality in each piece.


All of the self-portraits were shot by his own hand and many of the items feature his handwriting, as well as his favorite phrases and lyrics.

Photo: Ahn Yeonhoo

“I’ve been taking pictures and drawing favorite words of mine. I’ve been making and looking at logos too, and coming up with lots of ideas! Since a lot of my thoughts have been incorporated, everything has been so much fun.” — Baekhyun


Perhaps most importantly is the fact that the whole collection was priced with affordability in mind. Prices for the first collection will range from $35 to $90 making it quite accessible to anyone who falls in love with the pieces.

“We don’t want to consider ourselves as a competitor to other high-end fashion street brands. We’re just a street brand that’s commercially available and accessible to everyone.” — Danyl Geneciran, Privé brand director


With so many great pieces at an affordable price, Baekhyun’s first clothing collection is sure to a big hit!

Source: Vogue